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Doing a Happy Dance!

For the last two weeks, my husband has been away on business in Thailand.   This is not so fun right at the start of the Christmas season.  He's missed chocolate day, and two parties, and my daughter's birthday, and doing all of it without him has been pretty lame.  Today, however, he got back home!!  Safe and sound!  He's already asleep after an obscenely long flight.  I'm glad to have everyone back together the way it's supposed to be.  *happy sigh*  



Happy dancin' with you!
AND there were presents! It's been very nice!
Yay! the balance is restored :)
It is SO MUCH BETTER when we're all together! :)
I'm happy that you're happy.... Hopefully everything will be on the upside from here on!
Thank you! I hope so, too!