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Updates on my crazy life!

Some of you have asked how things are going, and so I thought I'd better give you an update!  

Going back to work on a regular schedule after 17 years of being a stay at home mom is a real adjustment!  I had settled into patterns and schedules that are suddenly gone, and I have to replace them with new ways of doing things- dumb things like when to get groceries, and so on.  I'm working things out, although the housework has suffered some- it's mostly because I don't want to do it in the first place that gets me in trouble. :)  

As far as the job goes?  I really like it!  I like these kids!  I have fun talking to them and joking with them.  I love teaching again.  I haven't lost ALL of my teaching skills, and it makes me excited to work on a new lesson, and decide how I'm going to present things. It helps that we're in the animal unit because I can do fun things like show the Shelob scene from the Lord of the Rings when we're talking about spiders.  

Not to say that this job doesn't have challenges.  I'm coming in the middle of the year, and I don't have the control over the classroom that the other teacher does.  She's got them whipped into shape, and they definitely don't respond the same way to me.  I need to get my mean teacher voice back.  They're still responding to me, however.   They like me, and are doing the work, and are involved in the class.  It's not complete chaos.  I think it will be better next year when I can start with them from the very beginning.  

The other challenge is just the nature of these kids.  They break my heart.  Since starting, I've had one suspected pregnancy, one student came to class stoned, three students have run away from their foster/group homes, six have been pulled out for drug testing, two have been written up for gang activity, one was in a serious fight.  They're all pretty streetwise, and street tough, and it's not a world I'm used to at all.  Two boys today were pulled into the office for exhibiting gang colors.  I had NO IDEA there were even gang colors.  Who knew that green duct tape on the backpack was a gang thing?  I'm REALLY out of the loop.  I don't know their stories, and I think maybe it's better when I don't.  I can see them as just kids, and talk to them and laugh with them.  I come home and thank my girls for being SUCH GOOD GIRLS.  I'm so lucky I've never had to deal with some of these issues!  

It's been over a month, and I still like going in to work.  I'm going to call that good.  


This is great to hear. I keep picturing you as Michelle Pfieffer in "Dangerous Minds."

I can't imagine what it would be like to try to fit your usual schedule into the kind of schedule required by a full time job. I know you'll get the rhythm figured out, but I can imagine that would be hard at first.

Thanks so much for the update! :)
It's not full time- it's only 17 hours a week, thank goodness. I was still surprised at how it's had to change how I do things. I had a routine that hadn't changed in a LONG time, and it was harder letting go of that than I thought it would be. I'm such a creature of habit.

LOL! Yeah, I'm too short to be Michelle Pfieffer. I was thinking about that movie the other day. I may need to research that lady some. She got the kids motivated, and I'll be honest, that is not easy to do. I was really surprised when I got back the first science test. All of them turned in the test on time, and yet half of the tests weren't finished. The writing sections were left completely blank. Anything that involved critical thinking they just didn't even try. The teacher assigned a project on women in history...and only three of them bothered to turn it in. Part of it is just plain lazy, and part of it is that they have given up. Just flat out given up. I'm not sure how to change that.
Maybe it would be worth researching to see what she did (aside from the Dylan/Dylan contest). I mean I remember being motivated just by not wanting to disappoint anyone -- teachers, parents, you name it.

Don't think that works today.

It's sad that they need an incentive to learn when learning is the only thing that's going to make their lives better. Maybe they need to see what's possible. Or what's not possible. Like an "It's a Wonderful Life" version of what can happen when you apply yourself, and what can happen when you give up.

Sounds like they all have a pretty rough life as it is. They probably think that they get a "better" education outside of school than inside. Such a hard situation you're in....

Makes me want to go hold my girl really, really tight.

Keep us posted. I know you're going to make a huge difference...short or not. ;)
Yeah, well, they were butts today. Argh. We'll have a better day tomorrow :)
aw, that's awesome! great you're still enjoying it - sounds like it's really involving. I think you're probably right in not knowing their stories - it'll do them a world of good to have a positive relationship with someone outside that world, who doesn't care about 'x, y or z'.

Now I gotta go - got an exam at work today, speaking of the school thing! (*ulp*)
oo! Does this mean you got a different job? You go, girl! Ace that test!
ha, I wish! Nah, boss decided to get us all 'food hygiene' qualified.
I effing hate exams.
In serious need of chocolate to get over it now. ;)
Oh, yeah. Out here, we get a food handler's permit, and it lasts for two years. Mine is expiring, and I've got to renew it before I can work the farmer's market. Ew. I feel your pain.
have to wonder what the customers made of it today, when we talking about 'rat infestations' and 'salmonella' or 'listeria'... didn't exactly sound good, I'm thinking!