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Ghost Stories

Haunted Paris Part 2

Our first stop after leaving the "Irish" pub was a square not far away containing a lovely fountain.  This square had apparently once been a mass grave.  People would die, and bodies would be dropped right there in the square.  It was a haunt (pun intended) for sorcerers looking for bones for spells and scavengers of human and animal variety.   It was also home to many people who decided that having a house on the edge of a mass grave was cheap real estate.  One day, a boy was in the basement of his home when the wall collapsed and thousands of skeletons fell into the house and crushed him.  After that, people decided that maybe the mass grave wasn't a great place to keep bodies.  They moved them to the catacombs.

The catacombs was a tourist spot that I wanted to see, but we didn't have time.  This is a maze of piled bones all kept underneath the city streets of Paris.  The catacombs is where we heard about our very first Paris ghost.  Apparently, a guard in the catacombs had heard that there was a secret passage through the catacombs that led to a monastery where the monks were making alcohol.  Armed with only one lantern, he wandered off in search of the secret passage.  The lantern went out.  His body was found months later as he had wandered and died in the darkness among the bones.  Now, his ghost is said to haunt those who wander off the beaten path there in the catacombs.  He asks for help out of the darkness.