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Oct. 20th, 2011


My Encounter With a Radio Station

I was on the radio today!  I got the message at 11pm last night that they needed 3 people to come do a radio interview for the ghost tours.  At first, they didn't need me because by 11pm they already had 3 people, but then there was a last minute cancellation, and they definitely wanted me to go.  My Radio interviewCollapse )

Oct. 19th, 2011


I'm Going to be on the Radio!!!!

Here it is, almost midnight, and I JUST got the information that the ghost tours needs people for a radio interview tomorrow morning!   I've never been on radio!  I'm suddenly very nervous!  There will be three of us there to talk and tell stories, and it's only a 20 minute interview.  This means that I might not get very much air time, BUT, if you ever wanted to hear me tell ghost stories, this is your chance.  They do live streaming AND podcasts!  The interview is tomorrow at 9:40 Mountain Daylight Time on KCPW.  http://kcpw.org/  Give a listen, and laugh with me if I sound like a complete idiot!  

Oct. 12th, 2011

Ghost Stories

Real EVP

Saturday night I had my ghost tours.  They are so much fun!  This year was stressful leading up to the tours because I got all my information late.  My schedule, the changes to the tours, all of it ended up being at the last minute, so I found myself scrambling to adjust to the stories and the timing.  
By the time the tours started, however, I was having a great time.  One of the new stops is the Pauper's cemetery to the north of the Salt Lake City cemetery.  It's the place where prisoners, and anybody else under the responsibility of the state is interred.  It's not well kept, the ground is uneven, and the stones are cheap.  Early on my tour, I mention EVP- electronic voice phenomenon.  This is where people make recordings, and voices will be on the playback of the recording that weren't there originally.  Ghost hunters use this as evidence of ghosts around us.  I had one experience with EVP last year, when some of my friends recorded a woman screaming in the bathroom haunted by the Purple Lady.  
This year, when the late tour ended, there were some ladies waiting on the train station for one of the husbands to come and pick them up.  They were nervous about being alone there with all of the homeless men around so I offered to wait with them.  I was loading my car, while they were calling on the cell phone to find out when their ride was showing up.  I on the cell phone letting my family know that I would be a little late, when there was a knock at the car window.  The ladies very nervously said that I had to hear something.  Hearing my stories of EVP, they thought they would also use the record function on one of the cell phones at the Pauper's cemetery to see what would happen.  Then they played the recording.  
The recording had the owner of the cell phone trying to copy all the ghost hunters as they do the EVP work.  She quietly asked "Is there anybody here?"  as she moved around the cemetery.  Right into the cell phone came a very breathy whisper that sounded like a "yesssss" .  Then very clearly came the whispered words, "Do you hear me?"  At no time does the lady making the recording respond to the whispers.  It was NOT HER speaking into the phone!  

I went home with the shivers!  

Sep. 15th, 2011


2011 Ungen Awards

When I started following Supernatural fandom, fanfiction.net was overwhelming for someone who had only heard of fanfiction a couple of times and had never read any.  I did a search for places where I could find the GOOD stories.  I found a few recommendation lists, and enjoyed them, but when I found Ungen, I knew I had finally come to the right place.  That, in turn, led me to LJ, and I've been a happy camper ever since.  

For the third year now (not quite consecutively) Ungen is hosting an awards for best stories on their site.  I have a lot of fun going through the nominations, and voting for my own favorites.   To my very stunned surprise, this year, my story Heroes has been nominated for Best AU!  I had NO IDEA.  I missed it the first time I read the list!   I am not the most prolific writer, and I have no illusions that I am especially good at it, but I am touched by the idea that someone read it and REMEMBERED it to nominate it!  

That just made my day! 

Sep. 13th, 2011


Frayed Knights

My husband works two jobs.  During the day, he programs simulators to train people on big docking cranes.  I know, it doesn't sound cool, but it really is.  He basically programs big giant rides with huge globe screens and Captain Kirk chairs.  

His second job, after he comes home and has dinner is to write his own computer game, and manage his online game company http://www.rampantgames.com.  He works until almost 2 am, then goes to bed, and gets up to start his day job again.  Why does he do it?  Because he LOVES IT!  The good news is that now his newest game is just about done.  We're in the final two weeks of development, and we are so excited!  Him, because after four years, at long last he can put this out and let people play it.  Me, because I need him to fix our fence, and I'd like to see actual money come from this laborious hobby!   Take a look at the trailer for Frayed Knights:  The Skull of S'makh-Daon.  Fall in love with it!  Buy it for you and as presents for friends!  

As a side note, the character of Chloe, who dresses in pink, lives in her own little word and likes to blow things up is actually me.  Kind of.  For years I have written about and played a character named Chloe Bishop in White Wolf roleplaying games and MUSH's.  She's a crazy, upbeat, random person- me on a lot of caffeine and sugar, basically.  That's where he got the name and the kernel of her character.  She makes me very happy!  

Here is the trailer for the game, released tonight.  I am so excited to share this with you! 

Apparently I don't know how to embed media at all successfully.  Here's the link!  Go see!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tb3ext0i5UQ

Aug. 31st, 2011


Out of my league!

Whew!  I got my degree in Elementary and Special education, NOT counseling!  Tonight was deal with teen girl emotional angst night.  My youngest said some things to affect boy relationships with the oldest, and now the oldest has to try to fix the situation with two boys.  She's mad and crying.  The youngest feels awful now and is sad and crying.  Then the oldest decided that this was the perfect time to tell me all the troubles her friends are having.  I now know about depression and underage drinking and teen pregnancy.  I am so very grateful that I'm raising such a wise girl who has avoided similar pitfalls, but I don't really know if I gave her the right advice either.  I don't think the title of "Mom" gives me any special ability to handle these issues!  There wasn't a training manual for this!  I'm exhausted!  :)  

Aug. 9th, 2011


Rough Day

 I can't say today was a bad day because everything turned out fine, and life is good, and good triumphs and all is well.  But the adventure that happened in the last 24 hours has left me exhausted and not feeling too much like being super happy about it.  

Why I could use less excitement in my lifeCollapse )

Jul. 21st, 2011

Ghost Stories

New Orleans Ghosts- Last but Not Least!

 The final story of the night brought us back to the alley between the Cabildo and St. Louis Cathedral.  This was where Ernie told my favorite story.  It's one that I'd read and loved before, but hearing Ernie tell it live really brought it home.  

In 1764, French ruled New Orleans signed the Treaty of Fountainbleau which turned the city over to Spanish rule.  The French citizens of the city were infuriated.  When the Spanish came to take control of their new territory, the citizens rebelled and staged a revolt.  They succeeded, chasing off the Spanish government.  Spain was not to be beaten so easily, however.  They sent a fully armed Spanish fleet to put down the rebellion.  The leaders of the French rebellion were quickly rounded up and put to death.  As an example to demoralize the people, the new Spanish rulers declared that the bodies would lie out in front of the government offices of the Cabildo to remind everyone of their defeat.  They would be denied burial, and last rites.  This was devastating to a Catholic City.  Pere Dagobert, the pastor of the church, tried to appeal to the Spanish to relent, but he met with no success.  Not to be defeated, Pere Dagobert prayed for a miracle.  

The miracle came in the form of a fierce rainstorm that drove the 2,000 Spanish troops that were camped outside in what became Jackson Square indoors.  For the first time in days and weeks, nobody was outside to keep watch.  Pere Dagobert took action.  He sent word to families, friends, and neighbors, and in the stormy night they gathered up the bodies, and took them North to the St. Louis Cemetery to bury them.  Everyone was urged to stay quiet, but as they passed in that alleyway between the Cabildo and the Cathedral, one voice started to sing a hymn.  Another voice joined him, and another until all of them were singing the Kyrie.  Even then, no one stirred to stop the funeral procession.  No one heard the singing, and they were able to successfully take the men to the St. Louis Cemetery, and bury the bodies with proper rites.  

Now, late on stormy nights, they say that if you walk that very alleyway between the St. Louis Cathedral, and the Cabildo, you can hear one lone tenor voice singing the Catholic Kyrie.  No apparition ever appears with it, just the song left as a reminder of that night's miracle.  

Jun. 30th, 2011

Ghost Stories

New Orleans Ghosts- Even the Streets Aren't Safe!

 Nearly all of the buildings in New Orleans are haunted, but the streets aren’t safe either.It's said that....Collapse )


 Here's the story, posted to my other blog:  blog.talesbyjulie.com/2011/06/kathryn.html

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